Sunrise Optical Elkins Park does not stand behind their products and refuses to repair their errors.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 1 comment

After two and a half months I still do not have the glasses I ordered in January!They gave me a pair three weeks after my initial order, but they were so blurry that I couldn't read a thing.

The owner (Stan) refuses to admit to fault, so he blamed the prescription. I strongly believed that this was his error and NOT the prescription. To prove a point I had my eyes re-examined and I was right the prescription was correct. My eyeglasses were "supposedly" redone, but now two and a half month later he is still trying to push me into buying a defective pair of glasses.

My last visit there he admitted he didn't know what to do.I would never recommend this business to ANYONE!

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I too had a problem with this store.The nose piece bridge was crooked when I went to pick up my new glasses.

I was told that it wasn't that bad and that I would get used to it.

Who are they kidding!I ended buying glasses from another local eyeglass store and they were very professional.

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